Monday, January 24, 2011

A Sad Day

It's a sad day, well sad last night as well, in my household. My husband's beloved Bears were booted out of the race for Superbowl champs and the right to relive the glory of 1985. Some might not warrant this worthy of a blog post, but friends, it really affects my husband. He was in such a mood last night that we hardly spoke and he didn't want to watch the second game- he was done with football. It didn't help that he spent all week gloating and telling anyone that will listen that they were going to win. He posted all kinds of anti-Green Bay pictures on his Facebook...

(There were ones that were much worse that I will not share haha)

All the preparation and stress of the week to be let down. I quote "My head hurts, my heart hurts and I hate life". haha. He wants to put the house up for sale because our next door neighbors are Packers fans and he can't take the shame. Now, of course he's being dramatic with all the hating life and selling the house business because come on, it really is just a football game. He told me I don't understand because I'm a Cubs fan and I'm used to feeling the pain of losing. (Baseball season is always rough in our house). After the loss, he promptly ripped off his #54 jersey (he already rid himself of the Cutler jersey he started the game off with when he did not come back in to play) grabbed his White Sox fleece blanket and laid on the couch the rest of the night. I talked to him this morning on my way to work and he said he felt better but it would take time. (I'm laughing as I type this). I just looked at his Facebook page and he just replaced his Bears profile picture with that of the White Sox emblem. I questioned him and the sudden change and he said "I'm ready to move on to better and brighter days." So friends, if your husbands or wives are seemingly distraught over the game and you think the entire week is ruined, fear not, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now, let's see if our house divided will survive baseball season. GO CUBS!!!

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