Friday, January 21, 2011

Circle Gets the Square

Does anyone else remember Hollywood Squares?? I love that show!! Anyway. I digress. This weeks assignment was circles. I had fun trying to think creatively and spot circles I wouldn't normally seek out. So, the other morning when I was getting ready  for work I was all "Hey!!! Circle shower curtain!"
Bonus for the tissue holder too.

My next set is something I often enjoy...

These are my favorite wine glasses. They are so much fun and I feel fancy because they are from Pampered Chef. It's the only thing I own from there. Clearly I'm not that fancy though if I only have wine glasses and none of the gadgets they sell.

And lastly, behold my favorite circles of all...

The Target bag. I love Target. I go there at least once a week and this bag contained my latest purchases: dish washing detergent and Lemonheads. You know, life's essentials.

I had fun with this You Capture this week! Go head over to Beth's for more!

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  1. Love your circles - Target was in one of my shots as well!