Monday, January 3, 2011

…And a Happy New Year!

 Well, 2011 is here! I can’t believe. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It's hard to believe it’s already gone, but I’m slightly excited to return to “normal” life again. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the extra time off of work and the wonderful family time, but sometimes there is just so much to do you feel out of sorts. And I’m just kind of ready for my sorts to be put back in place.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions. I don’ really know why. I think because most of the people I know that make them quit by the end of January. And it’s often very apparent to me when people drop their resolutions when I go to the gym January 3rd and it is PACKED then I go on February 3rd and it’s back to normal. Or when on the first Tuesday of January, my Weight Watchers meeting is standing room only and then in February I can sit again. I’m not saying anything bad about these people. It’s hard to make a change you’re not used to and we put way too much pressure on ourselves to do it and do it now. I think a change in lifestyle has to be a gradual thing because obviously it’s something we’re not used to, otherwise it’s just too much. I want my changes to be long term and spread out so I feel like I can truly succeed and not just do it half way. This year, I’m committed to getting back on the healthy lifestyle horse. More working out, more eating better, but mostly, more positive thinking and being kinder to myself. I’m going to try to not sweat the small stuff and realize what’s really important. All too often I find myself stressing about something that isn’t even important or doesn’t even affect me and I’d really like that to stop. It’s going to be hard because I think I’m a worrier by nature, so maybe along the way I can find external way to distress. Soothing music, scents, teas- anyone want to share their favorite tricks to relax and be stress free?

Hope everyone is happy and healthy in 2011!

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  1. I am a big fan of relaxing in the bathtub with some sort of delicious bubble bath ( is my favorite site for that!).