Sunday, November 6, 2011

Double Digits

Wow. How has it been two months since Maggie joined us? She's ten weeks old today- TEN! WEEKS! I can't believe it. September just blew by. Well, really October did too. It's amazing how fast the days go by, even the hard ones. They seem slower but looking back they really go by just as fast. We really are blessed- Maggie is a good baby. She gets the most upset when she's hungry, and moderately upset when wet or tired. Other than that she just hangs out. I sometimes feel like she's bored, so we travel from swing to play mat to blanket with toys, etc. She really loves her changing table and I think would stay there kicking all day if I let her. Her first month was full of getting used to each other and figuring things out. And lots of pictures.

Getting ready to watch the Bears game

Whoo hoo!

It's amazing how much she changed in a month. The first few weeks it was a struggle trying to figure out her feeding needs. Then, like magic, we fell into a groove when she turned one month old. We were sidelined with a bout of thrush that took quite some time to go away, but it didn't seem to bother her and she continued to grow and thrive. At her one month appointment she weighed 7lbs 7oz and 20 3/4 inches long.

October brought more alone time with just mommy as visits started to thin out, especially during the day, and all my help went back to work. So we just enjoyed each other. Through the month we went to Target for the first time, the pumpkin patch and celebrated our birthdays. A couple weeks ago, Maggie really started smiling with intent and at our silly voices and my heart melted. We're in trouble when she gets older. But put her by the ceiling fan and forget it- good luck getting her attention! It doesn't even have to be going, as long as she can look at it she's happy.

On the business side of things, we're working on tummy time (which she doesn't really like) and not favoring the right side so much (per the doctor). I find myself getting worked up about the littlest things so I'm working on myself too. I'm definitely the worrier parent and really need to learn just because something changes out of our "normal rhythm" doesn't mean it's bad or that something is wrong. Otherwise this is going to be tough since babies change all the time. Dale is the much more relaxed parent and takes things in stride and doesn't worry. It's amazing really. I wish I can be more like that sometimes and I wonder if it's a mother/father difference or if it's just my personality to worry more. Anyway- back to Maggie. Her naps during the day are more like cat naps. 25-40 minutes and a time but she's not cranky in between and sleeps well at night, which I'm thankful for. She likes spending time in her swing and on her mat still, but when she's had enough she definitely lets me know. She absolutely loves her bath. I can't wait until she's bigger and starts kicking and playing in it. I should probably invest in ponchos! Her two month doctor appointment was on Halloween. She now weighs 9lb 5oz and 22 inches long. She's really growing! I had to retire her newborn clothes and we're now in 3 months. Some are still big but I know she'll grow into them in no time. I can't imagine life before her now even though she's only been her for a short time. She's already daddy's girl and I can't wait to see their relationship grow.
Enjoying her whale tub

We think this lion is her best friend. She stares and talks to him.
2 months old- 10/28/11

Nom nom nom. 1st Halloween- 10/31/11
I'm so excited to see her personality really come through in the coming months. But that means she'll grow up too! She's getting so big before my very eyes and before I know it she'll be running around. A part of me can't wait, but a part of me would love for her to be a little baby forever.